August 23, 2007

A National Tragedy

Three years ago today, Hurricane Katrina was born. The damage done to New Orleans and the Gulf area was horrendous. The response of our Government, (led by the worst president ever) was inadequate, shameful and criminal. The after effects of this disaster will last decades.



fab said...

Tom Waits - I wish I was in New Orleans (from Small Chance LP)

Anonymous said...

don't live below sea level!

aikin said...

Hurricanes: one of the top 5 reasons I hate Miami.

We "lucked out" with Katrina - I think it was only a Cat 1 when it came through here. I did go to Houston a couple of weeks post-Katrina, though. It was a weird scene with all those displaced people there from New Orleans. I may have been the only person in my hotel who was there by choice.

Anonymous said...

what about that mayor and governor,
worst turds to ever hold office...
then again ur probably a turd hypocrit liberal......what 'bout
the mississippi gulf course ahole,
or are u particular to who u root
for and blame for....

poots to U toofrooster

Anonymous said...

Learn how your gov't works first Nazz.
Chain of command works this way It's local first, then state, then Federal. Federal Gov't can't act until asked. Federal wasn't asked to help until 2 days later. Better start blaming Ray "I want My chocolate city back" Nagin first.
BTW, how many presidents have you been aware of in your life time?

Cap said...

Not GWB's fault. Don't just repeat inaccurate mantras to sound hip.
The Mayor and Gov. had no plan and had many buses that could have MANY moved people rapidly away. GWB is not popular, but the reaction was not his fault.