August 15, 2007

Girls Girls Girls

I have been playing The Pipettes pretty much non stop lately. It's total treacle; a manufactured pop group cashing in on expert songwriting and clever vids. I know I am being sucked in. And I don't care. The tunes are loaded with hooks and harken back to the early 60's. You can definately hear the homage to groups like The Shangri-La's and The Ronettes. There's even a bit of Motown.

So, here's a couple of songs from The Pipettes; plus choice toonage from some girl groups (some pre-packaged and some real bands) from the days of yore.



Anonymous said...

Ha! I saw these gals play out here in London this past Spring - they were g-g-g-great. I don't see them so much as pre-packaged (ala THE SHANGRI-LAS) - but rather high-concept, canny gals who were accidentally too young to get in on the Riot Grrl thing of the 90's. They're smart, fr sure.

But I love em too, esp. the hit "Pull Shapes"!

manicgirl said...

What happened to Friday's entry?