February 3, 2009

Fan-Boy Geek-Out...

... Or, geek-boy fan-out.

Twasn't matter to me... the New York Comic Con is coming to town this weekend and Nazz jr and I will be perusing the corridors of the Javitz Center in NYC checking out the latest and the greatest.

Previews of Watchmen, Futurama, and Terminator Salvation are on the docket. Plenty of panels too (I will be lined up for Robot Chicken!).

The bank account is gonna dip a bit as the boy and I go hog wild on merch, but what the heck else am I gonna do with the money? Lend it to the banks?

Shonen Knife - Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl)
Slickee Boys - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Pink Floyd - Scarecrow
Misfits - Rat Fink

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