February 17, 2009

Raving And Drooling...

... I fell on his neck with a screammmmmmmmmmmmm,

OK students, science test. Attempting to engage this posting under the variables of Ambien sleepy time helpers and a stomach full of Jim Beam. Twiin maladies being addressed are a nasty toothache (ring in the Bourbon) and insomnia due to work stress (ambiezzzzzzzz).

So intitial impressions are that my fungers refuse to typwe the keys that U am expecting them too. Whuch is very rude of my fungr i might mention. I treat yuo guys pretty well,,,manucure the pleasures of r flesh... help a brother out here.

Lifting weights still is effective- I guss dumbells mix well with dumbells. And the clang clang clang clangs on thru eternity.

The problem is that keys do continue to shift on the board, Lordy they are mobile. Little armies of prospective nouns, verbs and adjctivess that refuse to get to thier destiny!'

My hands are shaking alot. I feel like Katherine Hepburn on crank. I'm chewing a juicy grape into powder.

AC NewMan - HomeMade Bombs In The Afternoon
Husker Du - Tales of Psychic Warfare
New Bomb Turks - Id Slips In
The Mumps - Crocodile Tears


manicgirl said...

"I'm so pilled up that I rattle..."

E-mile said...

Nazz Nomad, what a great picture!!
(maybe I'll "recycle" it in one of my drug-related posts?!)
peace, E-mile

infinite fool said...

Jim Beam and Ambien? Should we send a donation to the widow in lieu of flowers?

Matt said...

Yet you still managed to be coherent and plop down some tastey toonage... Well played, brother. Well. Played.