February 25, 2009

A New Hope

One of the few positives this year has been the new MLB (Major League Baseball) Network available on cable tv. The opportunity to view old games and see great historical players has been a real treat for Nazz junior and I.

Virtually every day we are able to share time together watching events that I had originally seen with his 10 year old eyes.

And last night, as we were watching Ken Burns History of Baseball (the 70's and 80's), the crawl at the bottom of the screen referenced today's opening spring training games.


Because, Baseball is a gift. The passing of memories from one generation to another. My father, years ago, telling me about the greats that he saw play and rooted for and me telling my son about my favorites and one day he'll tell his kids about the players he remembers (and the players that his dad and grand-dad saw).

It's nice to have some hope.




I'm a huge baseball nut.
Dedicated Mets fan since I was a kid.
I'm loving that MLB Channel big time.Can't wait to see how the programing goes during season.
It's cool you get your little one interested in it.I'll never forget the first game my father took me to,or the first game I took my son to.

valis said...

Thank the GODS the Boys of Summer are in camps! Though I don't have the MLB Network i did manage to catch a few innings of the Astros v. Braves game yesterday afternoon. Cardinals broadcasts strt this weekend, too...I still prefer radio as the medium of choice for baseball. Just sitting out on the patio in a lawn chair with a cold rum n' coke, staring at nothing & everything as my mind's eye plays out the broadcast. 38 days to Opening Day!

Bless ya' Nazz for sharing the love with your son.

Anonymous said...

chills; chills. Thanks for the Lou Gehrig post.