February 2, 2009

Black and Golden Boys

What more (well, aside from THE GIANTS being it it!) could you want for a Super Bowl? Great game that went down to the wire (I wish the Cardinals woulda had another minute to work with). Madden and Summerall on the b-cast. And The Boss doing the halftime thang. Springsteen rocked it, cut down the verses to get more songs in and even did a crotch cam shot.

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers and my Iron-City dwelling pal Al.

Wait till next year! The Giants will be back!

Jack Black & The Foo Fighters - Back In Black (live 12/31/07)
The Hives - Back In Black
AC/DC - Back In Black
NOFX - Golden Boys

Now playing: Meat Puppets - Disappear
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Rick said...

when the Giants got eliminated, we're you proudly flubbering like this fat assclown?:


you have plenty to be ashamed of.

Nazz Nomad said...

I absolutely loved that video! I was pissing in my pants laughing at it. That guy should be institutionalized!

PS- I think I sent that link to Music Videos That Suck actually!