June 23, 2009


Weapons of Mass Destruction

We busted our cherry last nite and left a musical legacy. Caterwaul Of Sound hit the recording studio. We laid down the tracks for our soon to be hit single The Love Theme to Kids Go To The Woods, Kids Get Dead.

Most of the band, being noobs to the studio scene, were fascinated with the process. Scratch tracks? Overdubs? Multiple takes???? Crazy man, crazy.

And the biggest debate took place over what the "secret backwards message" would be. One hint... we actually didn't make it (too) satanic!

Next step is to shoot the video.

One more page for the scrapbook of madness!

Here are some more unlikely themes...



gomonkeygo said...

Are you the blond on the chair?

Nazz Nomad said...

nope, I'm the cool looking dude in the buckskin... they call me Johnny. Johnny Bravo.