June 24, 2009

The Whole World Is Watching

We are all hoping for peace to come to Iran.

If you are on Twitter,
set your location to Tehran and time zone to GMT +3.30. It screws up the Iranian security forces tracking of protesters.

You can follow the latest atrocities on Twitter via

The whole world is watching and we are powerless to stop this madness.

Regardless of religion, nationality or political philosophy, our prayers and best wishes are directed to the citizens of Iran.

John Lennon, Stevie Wonder & Friends - Give Peace A Chance (live One To One concert)

1 comment:

Nish said...

3 Cheers to that.
Freedom for Iranians.
I have a great Aunt (Armenian) that lives there.The only one that stayed among my relatives.
Everyone else left when it became a Islamic Republic.
My great Aunt was born there,yet has no right to vote because she's not Iranian.
I hope the youth can destroy the leadership there and install a truly free society.
Kudos to you for your recognition of these atrocities.
Much love :)