June 12, 2009

THAT'S Rock N Roll!

(My idea of a party)

Dang, I think I am actually finally sober. From Tuesday nite. Yep, Caterwaul Of Sound came, saw and kicked ass. We played the premier party of the new film "Kids Go To The Woods, Kids Get Dead", and by all accounts, we were extremely entertaining.
What a thrill it was to play a packed club (our lead singer relates "I couldn't even see where the people ended") and rock it.
This was the famous "we're not gonna get wasted before we go on" show. OK, so that didn't quite come to pass, my excuse being that Mrs. Nomad accompanied me and well, what can a poor boy do, except get hammered with his rock n roll chick?
By the time we went on, I was obsessing how I couldn't get the G string on my bass tuned... until I remembered that I don't even use the G string!
The cool thing was, that despite our lack of, ahem, technical prowess, they all loved us. Our drummer beat the crap out of his cymbals so hard that they actually flew off the stands. As a result, I started to throw them all about in the air and play fungo, hitting my bass into them.

The show ended with me doing a Pete Townshend and smashing my bass on the floor and jumping all over it. Real smart, Nazz.

And then we played Surfin' Bird. Because, every show should end with Surfin' Bird.
Or something.

The review of the night... courtesy of Mrs. Nomad: "Y'know, I will come see you guys again".

And then things got weird...

On another floor, there was some kind of weird party starting up. It turned out it was a lesbians only party for some magazine. I tried to make friends and even offered to have the band come up and play for them for awhile. Hey, some of my best friends are lesbians!
Unfortunately for us, these weren't exactly "lipstick lesbians", they were more of the, ahem, manly type. Now I ask you, what's the point of two butch lesbians going at it? Wouldn't that be sort of like they both wanted to be gay men? Ah, the wonders of true love. And why did they hate us guys so much?
Nonetheless, it wasn't exactly our cup of tea; watching gals who were dressed as dudes and looked manlier than us making out. Plus they told us they were gonna kick our asses if we didn't leave!

So we left.

Oh well, rock n roll!

Here's some stuff that came on my shuffle this morn... it seems to make sense.

Grandmaster Flash - The Message
The Who - Drowned (Quadrophenia demo)
Stiff Little Fingers - Strummerville
The Dickies - Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)


Piley said...

haha! Sounds like a blast old bean!! Video footage been leaked yet??!

Full marks for trying to blag in on the lesbian only party!

Rock and Roll indeedy!


manicgirl said...

strummerville is a cute little ditty. so much so (and you know how much I love the guy) that I was talked into going to the Cowboy Mouth show on Thursday. they opened with that and I thought it would be ok. But then it disintegrated into a punky, dave mattews. So I bailed and went to dance with the Gypsies.

Heff said...

Come check out my EXTREMELY CRUDE video of Butlik rockin' out !

Anonymous said...

Nice video- I didn't realize you had the budget for pyrotechnics.

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