July 6, 2009

Amerikkka's Sweetheart

Me loves me some Sarah Palin! She's stepping down from her Governor-Ship to "help America" or some other crap.

I am personally hoping she does a girl on girl vid with this skinny, soul-less, evil skank.

So, we get to look forward to the next couple of years of Palin's "punditry". No doubt, by the end of the summer she'll have her own show on Fox News (you know - the "fair and balanced" station); and then of course, the 2012 Presidential run.

Bottom line is; if Obama can pull off what he's trying to do (and I pray he can), Jesus H Christ himself couldn't win for the Repugnikkkans in 2012.

To keep with this "patriotic" theme, a couple of days late and a dollar short, here's a "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" selection for the Fourth Of July. Or something.



Denier said...

Don't you know it's all the media's fault poor Sister Sarah had to step down! They had the nerve to ask her all those tough policy questions. The more I think about it, she's really the female George W. Bush, with about as much grasp of the issues.

Piley said...

We don't know too much about Palin this side of the water... all i DO know, is that an odd number of blokes found her strangely atractive, but all kinda knowing they shouldnt!! Whatever, she's far sexier than anything we've ever had in our Parliament!!

Was\is she hot or was it just good camera work??!!


Nazz Nomad said...

Piley- She is kinda hot, as far as a physical specimen. Early 40's, has kept her body in good shape (a former beauty contest winner) and has had three or four kids (depending on whether she actually birthed the last one or just pretended to so her (then) 15 year old daughter wouldn't have to. I would say that she is extremely "do-able", despite her abhorrent stance on most topics that I hold near and dear to myself.

Warden- That's what scares me - the female GWB!!!!!!! Karl Rove is probably managing this whole thing from a bunker!

AC'63 said...

Hey at least your politics is sexy .. ours is boring.

thanks for the clash

Denier said...

Here's a link to a lengthy profile of Palin from Vanity Fair:


biopunk said...

Thanks for the Guitar Wolf!

Piley said...

thats great! I know little about her politics, so could do her without feeling too guilty ;-)

Hey, since when did you become a site that needs a 'warning' before you can enter??!

infinite fool said...

Really? A content warning? Some whiny Palin fan must not like your politics or something. Maybe the Queen of all Right-Wing Victims herself took issue...

Nazz Nomad said...

Re- The content warning... my 15 year old daughter... who is at this point a cyborg, as she spends all her waking hours on-line, has recently started to pass my blog along to her friends. As a result, I figgered that I should put a disclaimer up, lest her peer's parental units storm my house like angry villagers protesting the poisoning of their offsprings' fragile and "innocent" (they should ONLY see their daughters Facebook pages!!!!!) little minds!!!!!!!

An ounce of prevention, y'know!

mr x said...

So she's runnin for 2012 to finish off Amerika after the Bush disaster.

Lets hope she gets the rapture before then and beams up to Scientology heaven with Cruze and Revolta ( I know she's not a Wackentologist but they're all tarred with the same brush)