July 9, 2009

Cheap Trick Rocks




The missus was feelin' a might down yesterday. So, after work, we did the 15 minute drive to the beach (a trip that we do not take nearly enough). Figured, the sea air, the sand and some of these would put a smile back on her face.
Which it did.
But not as much as discovering that the amphitheatere in the distance was featuring one of those odd combo-bands nites. Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard.

CHEAP TRICK!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow, the winds were right and we had perfect audio clarity for the music.
The crime of course was that Cheap Trick was the opener, instead of the closer. But that worked out nicely for us, as we enjoyed (did I mention the perfect audio clarity???) a nice set of classic American Power-Pop featuring just about everything that you and I would want to hear (except they didn't play "He's A Whore"). Plus they did a sweet take on the Beatles "A Day In The Life".
And the beer ran out just as Poison was taking the stage. Which worked out fine, since Poison is effing awful (and sounded it) and this gave us a perfect excuse to vacate the beach and head for sudsier pastures.
Here's a great performance from the late 70's:



aikin said...

I'd love to go see Cheap Trick again after all these year.

hey - did you know you apparently have "objectionable content" on your blog? I got that pop up warning from Blogger....

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, Must a seen them like 4 times in their prime from Dream Police on up (love the early stuff too)

Thnks for the video Rick Nielson and Bun E are AWESOME

BTW , think Def and Poison are alternate headliners and heard CT is opening for both of those shams.

That is just so wrong in every way.

Thanks for koo posts, blog and vids


Nazz Nomad said...

aikan- i ditched the parental advisory thang.

snood- thanx! ya'll come back now, y'hear!