July 29, 2009

It Never Hurts Till The Next Day

Fair warning... a venting is a-coming... any ostriches can scroll down to the Hank Williams at the end of the post. Why Hank Williams? Why the fuck not? He had the good sense to check out in style. We should all be so lucky.

Between the angel of death hanging over my company, and major expenses coming up, is it any wonder that more and more of my spending is going towards "sundries". The missus gives me that accusational stare as I walk in every night. My response... "stop! it's a given that imma commin' in that way"

Can't even bother shaving anymore... and the beard is coming in greyer than Michael Jackson's rapidly decomposing skin. I wanna shave my head and get a bitchin' tattoo... but the wife sez I won't look good with a shaved head... and the ink would be a bad example for the kiddies.

Last week we played a gig. I showed up all on the nod. Then we started playing and I went bat-shit. Finished up by smashing my bass. It didn't break. I also cracked a bone in my hand sliding on concrete a couple of weeks back at the McCartney show. Didn't hurt till the next day... of course, IT NEVER HURTS TILL THE NEXT DAY.

Here's another good idea... spend a wadload of cash on renovations when the financial future looks less than rosy. The Catch-22 being that if we don't do it, than we won't be able to sell the casa should my job goes ass up. So, we have to spend what we don't have so that we can protect ourselves when we don't have money. Or something.

But at least we have "More To Love". It's a "reality" show about a fat guy that has to choose "his true love" from 20 fat women. Plenty of tears (sample statement: "I've never been on a date wah wah wah boo hoo") from the hens (well, maybe weighing 270 pounds and being 5 foot 2 inches tall is preventing a social life, honey) and sappy music. Yes I am addicted. I pissed myself laughing (as did Nazz junior and Mrs. Nomad... we do not suffer fools gladly).

I want to create a show called "LOVE IS BLIND". In it, a blind guy would have to choose between 20 beastially ugly women. Of course, he wouldn't know they were ugly. That way, America could laugh at the handicapped AND at the unglamourous. It's a guaranteed top tenner!

Oh yeah, the big contro is that we have a percentage of lunatics that claim Obama isn't a natural born American and as a result, should not be President. It's not that offensive to me that we have shitheads spewing untrue crap like this... what gets me is that every fucking media outlet is airing these douchebag's staements on a daily basis.

Elvis was a fucking genius, when he didn't like the program, he shot the TV.

We need another big celebrity death. Soon. I nominate Bono. Than the media can camp out for three days and see if he rises. Put a big fucking boulder in front of his crypt and see what happens.

Or something.


Piley said...

Hi NN!! I'm back after a terminal 'blue-screen' even on my PC... almost 2 weeks later (and £140 lighter) i'm finally back on t'net!

I got inked bout 5 or 6 years ago with a rather detailed Bettie Page portrait. Never regretted it for 1 single second... you do need to be sure tho, like the advice my (heavilly tattooed) friend gave to me... if you are 99.9% sure you want a tattoo, don't get it!


waitsfornoone2005 said...

Thanks for the post. I don't recall visiting before.
Best of luck shoring up the financial picture. Are you starting a dead pool on the next musician to buy the great guitar farm in the sky?
BTW, the link for Hank III is not Hank III but some chick singing a song I'm not familiar with (Not I'm a long gone daddy).
Regards, Dave.

Nazz Nomad said...

Hi Piley- Glad to hear you are back in the cyber world- it's only money right???? Hanx for the advice on the tat... you are 100% kee-rect.

Dave- Linx been fixed... dead pools are bad karma... one of the very few taboos that i have!!!!! c'mon back now, y'hear?

gomonkeygo said...

Love the new header pic! You look awesome - can you do my son's birthday party!?!

Seriously - Bono should die. Because I'm pretty sure he thinks he will rise again. It'd be great for the universe to piss on his face for once.

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...


Not sure if it was your intent, but this post made me laugh. Take care, keep rocking!


The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Oh, and yeah, I would totally watch "Love is Blind"...

Nazz Nomad said...

Hey, if that was me, and I could bend that far backwards, I woulda never gotten married!!!!!!!! It was actually a fire breather that performed on the side of the stage as one of my late, unlamented bands played a couple of years back!

And to TWDM... a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in yer pants!

AC@46 said...

Heads up, wife says the same about me when I mention shaving my head. I've been through 4 companies going belly up, keep your head up. De-stress, play bass and hopefully all will be well.

John P Lightning said...

I’ve been enjoying your postings for some months now. I was writing for my radio gig this week, ruminating on ‘More to Love’, drifting into ‘The Birthters’ madness (‘Birthers don’t ya come around here anymore’) and then I read your latest blogging. Wonderful stuff. And I shall quote (with attribution) your Bono comment on my next show (which I hope you’ll sample as I think you would enjoy it)

Nonetheless, would you mind my adding your blog to my list of approved links on my page? I believe my listeners would enjoy your perspective. Good luck on the employment front pally...too many friends of mine are now seeking work, hope you remain employed.

John Lightning Radio NewYork International

Visit us at: http://johnlightning.com/


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