July 22, 2009

Youth Will Be Served

The princess and I attended the Warped Tour at it's local stop over the weekend. Note how I did NOT say that we attended it together. I was dumped at the gate. The princess is 15 years old now and feels she does not need her old man to cramp her style.

Of course, she DID need her old man to gain her entry, as I was granted a couple of press passes, gaining me access to said festival. So, she hung out with me long enough to get a press pass, and off she went, with the vague promise of texting me occasionally. She was supposed to be meeting another 15 year old friend, whom we knew,; but instead she scampered off with a 19 year old girl (thank the lord), who was wearing a bikini top and tattoos.

In other words, she bullshitted daddy-o. I'm so proud. She did stay out of trouble, and did check in periodically. And stayed away from the weed and alcohol (and boy! scenes) Plus, her press access got up her close and personal to some bands she dug, as she was able to sidle up to the stages in the photo pit and take pix and even interview some bands. Her faves? Bayside, Meg & Dia, and a whole host of bands that I could be the father of.
This is Meg, of Meg & Dia. Or it's Dia, of Meg & Dia
(photo courtesy of princess nomad)

Meanwhile old Nazz repaired to the beer tent (pretty empty, due to the youthful demographic), venturing out to see his faves like NOFX and Bad Religion and avoiding the scream-o bands whenever possible.

My favorite foursome of the Warped Tour

Yep, Warped Tour is a party for the young (like the princess), not the crusty old punk crew (like myself.

Punk rawk has sure changed since we invented it!

Minutemen - Party With Me Punker
Meg & Dia - Setting Up Sunday (live 3/23/07)
NOFX - Fungus/I'm A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion
Bad Religion - Latch Key Kids


AC'63 said...

A photog friend of mine went to Warped tour when it was here .. Carrie Me, I found out I was to old for the mosh pit at Gogol Bordello last year.

Glad to hear you had a good time, and your Princes is well. My Princes is going to see the Jonas Brothers in a few weeks, I hang my head and weep!

Bud said...

either it's changed a lot...or we just got F***ing old.

Nazz Nomad said...

Bud - The bones might be old, but I am just as immature as ever!

AC- The Jonas Bros will pass... the Princess went thru all of that. Unfortunately, you'll be longing for the innocent days of the Jonas Bros and their "promise rings" soon enough!

Frank Miller said...

The last Warped Tour I went to was sometime in the late 90's. It was at Asbury Park N.J.. I remember I was checking out a local P.A. band called Weston and out of the corner of my I spoted Joey Ramone walking down the street.I said to my future wife, man he looks terrible. He was real heavy, and just didn't look himself. Anyway to my surprise not long after that he died. At the time I didn't even no he was sick.Even though they sort of turned into a novelty act, I miss the Ramones.They were always a fun live band. I have a seven year old, She's still fairly innocent.I hope she stays that way. Anyway thanks for the comments. I like your blog,this post is funny. I'll add you to my blog roll.

Bud said...


i'm figuring it out now...

when young it's called "youthful angst." when old "cranky old bas**rds"

Nazz Nomad said...

just as long as those darn kids stay off of my lawn!

Denier said...

Bad Religion are getting up there as well! They're going on 30 years together. One of my favorite compilations is More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex & Death, which features around 30 songs by BR, NOFX, Dag Nasty, Pennywise, etc. Not a bad song in the bunch.

Nazz Nomad said...

Greg Hetson from Bad Religion was of course also in the original versions of Redd Kross and The Circle Jerks. Talk about a punk legacy!
Never heard of that comp... I'll have to look it up. Thanks!

Denier said...

It's one of those great Epitaph label comps, in the vein of the Punk-O-Rama series. Turned me on to a lot of good bands over the years.

Here's the Amazon link; it's going for like $1.49 for a used copy! Jump on it while you can:


infinite fool said...

Didn't Iggy Pop invent punk rock in 1968... unless it was Screamin' Jay hawkins in 1957... or Bessie Smith in 1923... or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1762... or Hildegard of Bingen in 1118... or Org the caveman in 50,000 BCE when he refused to bang his rocks together in the approved manner... anyway, how old are you that you were there at its inception?

Anyway, glad to hear that your corporate music festival was vaguely enjoyable. If you don't want to feel so old, come to Mountain Jam (my own favorite corporate music festival) next year. The 70 year old hippies from nearby Wood$tock will make you feel youthful indeed.