July 1, 2009

Summertime Booze

We have one of those extended "vacations" due to the economy. You know, the kind in which you get to take the days off, but they don't pay ya!

So the next few days will be spent playing loud shitty rock n roll, drinking beer and lazing about the pool.
Or, I can paint the living room and the kitchen, as I promised.
Screw that!

After all, if you're not wasted, than the day is!

I heartily recommend checking out the following tunes. Just trust your pal Nazz on this one!



aikin said...

man, I haven't heard "Boobs a Lot" in YEARS! I remember Dr. Demento playing that back in the 70's!!
thanks for posting it

manicgirl said...

i love part time punks! great song and i was just listening to it this am.

Nazz Nomad said...

"The Clash are nice"