August 4, 2009

The Hits Keep Coming

What's the old parable about footsteps in the sand and only one set showing when god is carrying you? Well, lately, there ain't even any sand, it's broken glass. Or something.

Our long awaited kitchen renovation was supposed to start yesterday. Was. Until we got a phone call from our contractor telling us the store that he was supposed to pick up our new cabinets, counters etc WENT OUT OF BUSINESS THE DAY BEFORE!


Out of business. With our $5000 worth of stuff. They had six stores. And all went out of fucking business and declared bankruptcy. The day before we were supposed to pick up our stuff.

I spent the day chasing our money and it appears that we are covered by our credit card company (here's a tip : NEVER PAY CASH!).

So now we get to start over.


Less fun is the flood (thanks to a balky washing machine hose bursting)that engulfed our basement last week, and has rendered said basement into a moldy smelling slime-hole. We'll be spending next weekend ripping up all the carpeting and re-flooring.

Worst of all is that out beloved cat is dying. You can read all about our trials and tribulations with Kitty here. It's tearing our heart out, but it's time to give him some dignity. Gotta be done this week. Awful, Awful, Awful. Best fucking cat in the world. Fucking cancer.

I am not looking for a pity party. Just venting a little.

It's a good thing that my "happy pills" are working. I haven't punched a hole in a wall or even lost my temper through all of these ordeals.

Better living through Pharmaceuticals. Fuckin' A!


Husker Du - Everything Falls Apart (live City Gardens Trenton NJ 1985)

Husker Du - Too Far Down
Husker Du (Bob Mould solo live) - Hardly Getting Over It
Husker Du - It's Not Funny Anymore (live Madison Wisconsin 3.1.84)


The Warden said...

I feel you with your cat situation. I thought I wasn't a cat person either, then my brother asked me to take in one of his cats, which i did reluctantly. That was in 1995, and Shelby (named after Shelby Lynne!) is still going strong. I will fucking lose it if/when she departs this mortal coil. You're a good dude for taking care of Kitty through thick and thin. No one can argue you haven't done all that you can.

Jon said...

I'm sorry about your cat. I do not miss the ex wives. I miss the cats.

I do not trust the happy pills.

Piley said...

Been there with the cat thing... it's a killer isnt it? If only you could explain stuff to them it's be something. Them not knowing makes it feel even sadder. They become a member of the family for sure, and it's tough. It even put me off having another one for a bit (like "i'm not getting hit with that shit again")... but it passes, and looking back, the good times are many more than the bad.

Best of luck


D. Scott said...

Hey cool site---wouldn't happen to have anymore of the Husker Du Trenton show? I was actually at that one and have been desperately trying to get the entire set list...
thanks! Keep up the nice work.

Nazz Nomad said...

I do have the entire Trenton show- will post up in the next fortnight.