August 25, 2009

Circling The Drain

Business is bad. Really bad. I had to put my corporate executioners mask on yesterday and lay off a really good guy who I have worked with for fourteen years.

Feels like we're circling the drain here, so the only hope is to hold on as tight as I can for as long as I can and hope it turns around.

So, when times get tough, the Nomad's get going. Gettin' outta Dodge City for a spell. Hopefully this will keep me out of the insane asylum a while longer.

and if I don't see you, for a long while, I'll try to find you... left of the dial.


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Piley said...

bummer... it's like it all over at the moment eh? They keep talking here that the recession is over... is it f**k!! Hate that when politicians think if we SAY its oer, people will believe us, and then it reqally will be over...

good luck Sir


Anonymous said...

Hope things turn around for you and thank you also for your cool postings.-Richard

D. Scott said...

Thanks for the Trenton show!!