August 7, 2009

Black Holes In The Sky

Stopped doing the acid/schroom/mesc thing a loooong time ago. Figured I was skating on far too thin a patina of icy sanity already.
Probably one of the better decisions I have made in a life full of wrong turns.

The LSD experience opens a door that can never be completely closed. It's close to 20 years since I last ingested any of that stuff and I still don't think I've made it back completely.

With all of the exterior plus interior madness since... no regrets.


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infinite fool said...

I truly believe that acid made me a better person. I'm also pretty happy that I haven't done any in decades. Maybe on my deathbed...

Your driver said...

Somewhere close to twenty years for me too. I've noticed that there are certain people who I like right away. It usually comes out that, at some point in their past, they did a bunch of acid.

Does that make it an unqualified good thing? I don't think so.

About thirty five years after he first tripped, my oldest friend was arguing that acid was a force for good in the universe. He is not a street person with symptoms of schizophrenia. In fact if you are a corporate whore, he exists at the level of corporate pimp. Despite that, he still trips once or twice a year. He takes people like Terrance McKenna and Tim Leary quite seriously. He rents a nice RV and goes to Burning Man every year. He was one of the founders of the SF rave scene.

It's a good thing we were little kids together because otherwise we'd have no basis on which to stay friends. His 'scene' friends are as opaque to me as his corporate associates. Cats and dogs.

Anyhow, he was advocating for acid, whilst I expressed my doubts. I suggested we go upstairs and dose his daughter. She was about the age we were when we first tripped. Why not do her a favor?

What followed was a cartoonish fit of backpedaling featuring actual "hemming and hawing" along with cries of "I didn't mean it that way."

When he finally quieted down I said, "I rest my case."

formerly fun said...

Don't all hotdogs talk???

Also, is that a Troll doll in the hotdog, wtf?