August 9, 2009

40 Years Gone

I am on Woodstock overload. Ancient history.

Amidst all the self congratulatory bullshit regarding the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, it does not appear be noted anywhere that the two Presidents spawned from the "baby boomer" generation are the narcissistic Bill Clinton and the truly evil GW Bush.

Nice going, flower children... I'll stick with my Gen X Obama!


Your driver said...

One of my good friends is seventy one years old. He was a beatnik from North Beach who went over to Haight Street with some young guys that he met. They wanted him to try this new drug. He did the whole thing up to and including going back to the land in the early seventies. When his wife, the former Starchild, turned up pregnant he squared up and made a living, but his kids grew up to be punks before having kids of their own. God knows what they will turn out to be.

I do not have any problems with old hippies. Old hippies will freely admit to having fucked up in many ways.

My problem, as a rural Californian, is that I am surrounded by young hippies. I can't stand them. They show up at shows and do that horrible Deadhead dance where they all flop around. They are cheezily surreptitious about their boring drugs. They are self righteous and hopelessly uninformed. I just don't like them.

However, all hippies, young and old, adore Obama.I guess that's OK.

Nazz Nomad said...

Jon... smells like Phish (ie- young, stupid hippie wannabe's with no street smarts clinging to a distorted and utopian vision of an ideaology that they believe existed in the 60's).
They should look at newsreels of the Haight Free love clinic post 1968 and the thousands of kids that went to SF chasing a dream and ended up chewed up and spat out into harsh reality.

Heff said...

A couple of good jams came from Woodstock, but it was basically overrated in my opinion.