July 30, 2007

High Times with the MC5

aka Dope, guns & fucking in the streets

Since we kicked out the jams last week, it's high time to pay tribute to the MC5. Whether they are viewed as White Power revolutionaries, proto-punkers, or heavy metal hippes; one thing remains certain: THEY FUCKING ROCK.

As evidence and testement to their powers, I am offering up some live stuff from 1970, some more live stuff from their sorta reunion in 2004 (with some special guests) and an assortment of rarities.

Have at em...

and here's a kick ass site with alot of MC5 links.

Buy MC5 music here


MC5 - Live 1-1-70
MC5 reunion - Live 2004
MC5 - Demo's, Outtakes and live oddities


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice wun.

Anonymous said...

Curious about the so-called "reunion" gig listed for 2004, as the 1992 MC5 reunion was twelve years earlier than that. (Interestingly, no one else online seems to have a copy, but I'll be listening to mine again tonight. Sorry, no trades for it). 2/22/92 was a very good gig, a festival-style show done in memory of Tyner, and it was the first actual MC5 reunion since the early '70s breakup, and featured the four remaining members. Great postings, by the way, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the 2/22/92 was the final show of the 4-piece band, shortly after Tyner died, Surprised that very little info turns up on it online; thousands of people attended the event.