July 11, 2007

This Town's Too Hot

It's just too damn hot. And in New Yawk City, hot weather means the entire island turns into a fetid, rancid cesspool. The twin assaults of rotting garbage and urine combine into a smell that brings one to their knees. Add in the horrors of having to actually be pressed against fellow commuters on the subway, many of whom seem unaquainted with the most basic rules of hygiene.

It's the 21st century. Take a freakin' shower you animals!

And what's with women wearing flip flops everywhere? Open feet wallowing through the grime and dirt of Manhattan? Yeccchhhh!

Here's some toonage that should rock you out of your own personal sweltering nightmares...


The Neanderthals - Too Many Nights In A Gin Mill
The Countdowns - Pussy Stank
The Boss Tweeds - Faster, Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill!
The Replacements - White And Lazy
Squirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite
The Specials - Too Hot (live NYC 1980)


manicgirl said...

Hey! I wear flipflops. And sandal. Because I'm a girl and b/c I can!

BAMstutz said...

Nazz- I'm with you on the flip flop thing. What's with them? and why would you want to wear them in the city. I accidently stepped on a woman's toes on a crowded subway, and she gave me a horrified look. I wanted to say, "put some shoes on you crazy bee-ach!"

Rinjo Njori said...

Squirrel Bait again-- awesome!

Flip Flops-- I don't care if you wear them but if we are going to be subjected to your feet take care of them. Too many people running around with nasty looking feet and if you step on them you run the risk of making them look even nastier.