October 2, 2008

Bread And Circuses

"Nobody's ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public."
...H.L. Mencken

Tonight, America gets to watch a debate between the two candidates for vice president (aka the person "one heartbeat from the Presidency"). Sarah Palin, the Repugnikkkan's choice, has viewpoints completely abhorrent to myself. Additionally, she has so far shown to be unqualified for the position. The liberal press has had a field day exposing this fact. It appears that McCain and the GOP assumed that the Hillary Clinton factor would swing the "soccer mom" vote their way, despite Palin's most decidedly unfeminist platform.

The Democrat's choice, Joe Biden, a slick Washington insider (despite Obama's cries of "Change") should mop the floors with her.

However, if he appears to be a "bully", that could work against him.
What appears to be a mismatch could work in Palin's favor if Biden attacks her and could result in Palin getting the sympathy vote. Which would be absurd of course, since the last reason someone should get votes is for sympathy.

Unfortunately, I fear that this is all window dressing. The subtle racism against Barack Obama that will be displayed in November is going to tip the election to McCain. Many people in this country actually think that Obama is Muslim and part of a "sleeper cell". Put on Fox News and they make sure to call Obama by his entire name: Barack Hussein Obama.

After Bush stole the election in 2000 and proceeded to systematically destroy the country, I was in shock when he was re-elected in 2004. If the citizens of the United States continue choose Repugnikkkan rule for another four years with McCain/Palin; well then we deserve everything that we get.

Well, tonight should be an entertaining night.



Amigos De Los Monos said...

"been to College" is an awesome choice. The only thing I have in common with Palin is that I went to multiple colleges (four)and didn't get to go to Europe after college on their parents fime. When I heard her draw that line in the sand I wanted to smack. Most people don't get a EUro vacation on the Parents. If McCain gets elected it proves more than ever that we live in two different countries.

infinite fool said...

I used to live in Delaware & got to know more about Joe Biden that seems imaginable. He's well loved and a big hero down there - mostly deservedly so. He's a really good guy. He's also a bit of a nut.

The best thing about tonight's debate will be watching two of our most eccentric politicians go toe to toe - It's the Great White Moose Hunting Housewife Governor vs. Mr. "Let me take an hour to tell you all about how I perfected the art of taking an hour to tell you all about how I perfected the art of..." -

Nazz Nomad said...

when i graduated college i was given a subway token by my folks and directions to Manhattan to get a job.

YankeeBoy said...

Unfortunately I think you are all too correct about racism rearing its ugly head come November. As I see it, since many (but by no means all) of those racists are poor white folks, Obama's job is to somehow convince them that voting for him will be better for them where it counts - in the pocketbook. The Republicans have always been for the rich fat cats and it never fails to amaze me how they can continue to pull the wool over most of the country's eyes.

Anonymous said...

It never fails to amaze me when so called college educated people are so enamored with their intellect that they fail to understand the concept of educated thought.

"Go Governor Palin!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is like a bad version of Meet The Press.

"I don't like Palin because
she went to Europe after college."
Hell the big thing now is sending
kids to Europe after graduating High School.

"Republican fat cats?" - (guess which party has more millionaires in congress?)Hint - It ain't the Republicans

Racism stealing elections - good grief. Kinda like Whoopi asking McCain if he wins "will I be a slave again"? I take it none of you
grew up in the early sixties.

This is what you got with your college educations? Too funny


Maria said...

Holy cow are you clueless.
- GWB did NOT steal the election. Gore tried to steal it and was stopped. Republicans did nothing but follow rules
- 0bama is clueless, has less experience than Palin, and his class envy drives unemployment higher.
- Biden and the Demorats are crooks. The current economic crises lies with 80% on Dem Congress and 20$ on Rep. Get a clue about this one!
- Using KKK in Republican shows huge ignorance. Demorats fought against the 1965 civil rights movement, are against schools of choice which minorities want, and have no care for improving job situations in inner cities like Republicans do.
- Opposing a socialist who has no experience is not racist anymore than your irrational hate of Palin is sexist.
- Oh yeah. Palin won the debate.

Nathan Nothin said...


Maybe not everyone is racist about the up-coming election, but I am. I'm voting for Obama just 'cuz he's black. I'm sick of the mess that old White men have made of this country & I'm ready for a change. I don't care if Obama is better or worse than McCain, I'm voting for him just 'cuz he's black. Call me a racist, well I am.


Nazz Nomad said...

nathan- technically, you're only half racist!

and to my repugnikkkan friends... it is absurd to claim that Bush did not steal the 2000 election in florida (gee- his brother is the guv and his crony is sec of state and the supereme court was partisan). you MIGHT have a chance to debunk the claims that the GOP also stole Ohio in '04, but it would be thin ice indeed.
This country is in the toilet, the last thing we need is 4 more years of the same idealogy that has put the country on the brinks of another depression and squandered a trillion dollar surplus as well as the good will of virtually every nation in the world.