October 21, 2008

Tell That Girl To Shut Up

Wow. Now I see how Sarah Palin is a maverick! She has followed her hollow heart to break against McCain on the number one issue concerning all Americans... GAY MARRIAGE!

Apparently, Missy "Family Values" wants a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage; whilst Granpa McCain is for letting the states decide.

A last desperate ploy to get the cavemen voters to come to the dark side?
Aaaah, in two weeks, Palin will be back to opening hockey rinks in the great North West and Regime Change will finally be here!


William S. Burroughs - Queer: A Novel


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Jeff said...

This is just the sort of thing that pisses off a lot of old school conservative Republicans who feel that government should be as small as possible and not sticking its ugly face into people's private lives. These folks are also not happy about our "turn towards socialism" as the government buys a huge stake in the banking industry. I'll be curious to see if the Repubs can solve their identity crisis in time for 2012.

YankeeBoy said...

Let's hope you're right and there is a regime change in 2 weeks. I realize that with everything that's going on right now, gay marriage is not the biggest issue on people's minds, but it's talk like this that sends an eerie chill up my spine. This country can simply not survive 4 more years of Republican 'leadership' (if you can call it that). As bad as McCain is, the thought of President Gidget is even scarier.

For the first time in a long while we are being given a real choice at the polls this November. So get out there and vote for Barack Obama.

Nazz Nomad said...

"President Gidget"! I like that!
For a party that professes to want to limit Gov't interference, the Repugnikkkans sure do like to poke their nose in people's personal choices (abortion, homosexuality, etc).

Anonymous said...

You're an absolute moron for supporting this radical. The regime will change no matter which candidate wins. I choose to support someone in the center area rather than an extremist of any fashion.

You would probably support Osama bin Laden if he was the Democratic candidate. Actually, you might be doing just that.

You should be offended by the blatant media double standard regarding the coverage of the VP candidates.

Highlander said...

And here's Anonymous demonstrating just how far to the right you have to be to think of Obama as a radical.

Clear Thinker said...

Being against gay marriage is not being against gays. Marriage should be one man/one woman. Most people get that.
Palin is not against gays.

This is a stupid thing to get all bent over when 0bama has ties to domestic terrorists, voter fraud and has an economic policy based on class-envy but will result in more lost jobs (when he says tax "the rich" he means "those that employ others").

gay guy said...

I'm an American. Palin Doesn't like me. Doesn't that make her un-American?

Jeff said...

Hey Clear Thinker! Please explain to me why marriage "should be one man/one woman." How is my heterosexual marriage threatened or weakened by two men or two women who also want the benefits of marriage? I don't get it.

It seems to me that "most people" who oppose gay marriage do so because the notion makes them feel personally uncomfortable, but there is no valid reason why it shouldn't be so. Prove me wrong.