July 13, 2009

Money (That's What I Want)

Imma kinda ruminatin' on whether I should attend one of the Paul McCartney shows at Citifield this week.

It would be the first concerts at the New York Mets new home.

On the one hand, it could be pretty cool to be at a quasi-historical event. And it could be cool to see Beatle Paul.

On the other, weightier hand; I saw "Sir Paul" back in the early 90's from great seats in an arena. Do I really need to sit in a giant stadium and watch a video screen? Additionally, the nosebleed tix are about $60 and appreciate steeply the closer one gets to ground level.
I'm gonna keep perusing the broker sites and ebay; if I can score a couple of tix for $20 each, I'll grab em. We'll plant ourselves up high, get hammered and have a good old time, if the price is right. The next day, we're going to the Warped Tour, where for $30 or so we'll be able to see 60 bands (and, I like NOFX a helluva lot more than the Beatles!).
I guess the "see him before he's dead" concept will lure many folks to the show, as well as the "first show ever" pitch. It'll be an event for sure, but I sorta hate events.
We'll see........

Besides, didn't Paul die back in 1966?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here's some stuff from a long time ago...


Pig State Recon said...

Don't pay to see Paul. He's like Lowest Common Denominator out here in Blighty - viral, like Swine Flu. Hell he even turned up on stage at the recent NEIL YOUNG gig in Hyde Park, singing along to Neil's rendition of "Day In The Life". He's just too fucking rich, too fucking privileged, that man.

Piley said...

I saw him a few years back and he was good. He does more Beatle toons now than he ever used to. He's a bid mad these days, but well worth a look (as long as the tickets are not TOO rediculous)

Give him a go!


Don said...

adjusted for inflation:

Beatles at Shea 1965 $38
Wings 1976 $32
Springsteen 1985 $35
Michael Jackson 1988 $45

Seems to me that Sir Paul is getting a little greedy.

Nazz Nomad said...

the missus and i are wagering whether Beatle Paul will be playing the songs he did with Michael Jackson. As there is a prison very close to the stadium, he can always borrow a pedophile to do Jacko's part.

Longy said...

I wouldn't pay that much to see him Nazz. He ain't short of a few bob and its just plain greed. Saying that,I am paying £32.50 to see the Specials and thats a bloody rip-off as well.

Don said...

I must admit that I got a kick seeing him perform on Letterman. He did several more songs out on the street in addition to the two that were on the show. I would have liked to have seen one or two more of those instead of the awkward interview.

It wasn't one of Dave's better nights though I wouldn't fault him for being awestruck that he was interviewing an actual Beatle in the same theater where he had watched them 45 years earlier.

Nazz Nomad said...

Got nosebleed tix for $20 !!!!! will report on the show asap

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gomonkeygo said...

It was Robot Paul you saw, thus the lack of gray hair. They haven't figured out the hair yet. Adding wrinkles to the aging rubber facemask isn't hard, but realistic fake gray robot hair ain't easy.