June 29, 2007

Friday Grab Bag - Nasty

Happy #%$#* Friday. No redeeming p.c. values here today. No feel good moments. Just a bunch of nasty disagreeable music that is truly not safe for work and guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

or, as Lee Ving once uttered "eat my fuck/ we're from frisco"


Fear - I Don't Care About You (from The Decline)
Meatmen - Tooling For Anus (Blud Sausage ep)
Dead Kennedys - I Kill Children (demo)
TSOL - Code Blue
Dwarves - Sit On My Face
Feederz - Jesus Entering From The Rear
Mudhoney - Hate The Police
Stiff Little Fingers - White Noise
State Of Alert - Disease
GG Allin - You Hate Me And I Hate You

1 comment:

infinitefool said...

Well, Damn!!! (love that Fear tune, btw)