June 18, 2007

When he's (more than) 64 - Happy B-day to Beatle Paul

Today is Paul McCartney's 65th birthday. Happy b-day to Beatle Paul and hopefully half his presents won't have to be sent to his ex-wife! He's got a new album out called Memory Almost Full, but you knew that already.
Featured today are some alternate takes and demo's of some Beatles and Wings tunes.



a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

See his TV commercial where he's kinda shufflin', kinda strollin' down some technicolored lane in his Chucks strummin' a mandolin? Dude thinks he's 50 or somethin'! (He's actually younger than Phil Lesh who's still jammin' those Dead tunes on that bass of his from time to time!)

MRow said...

I went to see Roky Erickson & the Explosives last night in Southbank here in London - gtrist Cam King dedicated the set to Paul M. for his birthday. The audience bummed on this, but I thought it was cool. You can't underestimate how influential Paul & co. were on Roky and that entire mid-60's garage rock generation. Them American guys wouldn't have understand SONG half as good without goofy mop-tops like THE BEATLES.

Victoria Baker said...

loving cartoon paul! and the toons of course!


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