June 8, 2007

Justice? Just them!

"The rich are different from you and me."
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

What a surprise, the justice system in our country isn't fair and equal. And, gasp!... there's gambling in Casablanca! Round up the usual suspects!

California is a joke. I have no doubt that most people incarcerated can claim "mental anguish". Thousands of people are in jail for minor drug offenses and that skank walks free after 3 days. I imagine she'll be writing (I mean, someone will be ghost-writing) a book about her 100 hours or so behind bars. It'll be great when she gets that ankle bracelet tangled up with her earrings the next time her legs are behind her neck.

If THIS GUY skates free, than they should just close the courts for ever and let anarchy rule.



Owlbee C. IngU said...

You'll be happy to hear that Paris Swill-ton is going back to jail to serve the entire 45 day sentence . See sometimes justice does prevail !!!

Rinjo Njori said...

Cali law is a joke. Squirrel Bait on the other hand is the real f'ing deal. Great song. Every once in awhile I listen to Skag Heaven/ SB cd non stop for a day or two. ilbzzym