June 27, 2007

Wharf Rat

Wharf Rat

way down down,
down by the docks of the city,

Blind and dirty

I got no dime but I got time to hear his story:
My name is August West
and I love my Pearly Baker best
more than my wine...
more than my wine
more than my maker
though he's no friend of mine

Everyone said
I'd come to no good
I knew I would

Pearly believed them
Half of my life
I spent doin' time
for some other fucker's crime

Other half found me stumbling around drunk on burgundy wine

But I'll get back on my feet someday
The good Lord willing
if He says I may

'cause I know the life I'm livin's no good
I'll get a new start
live the life I should

I'll get up and fly away......
fly away

Pearly's been true, true to me, true to my dying day he said,
I said to him:
I'm sure she's been,
I said to him:
I'm sure she's been true to you
I got up and wandered
Wandered downtown, nowhere to go just to hang around
I got a girl, named Bonny Lee
I know that girl's been true to me
I know she's been

I'm sure she's been true to me



MRow said...

Hey: you ever seen any of these posthumus DEAD-related bands play live? I'd like to hear from a semi-objective viewpoint (i.e. somebody like you, rather than that tiedye-wearing freak I'm always avioding who lives down my street) if groups like THE OTHER ONES are worth checkin out.

Nazz Nomad said...

most of em are worth it:

Phil & Friends- very jammy and spacy... not as many songs as jams.

Ratdog- more song oriented...they keep the "diversions" to an agreeable minimum...

Mickey Hart- as you would expect, very drum and percussion oriented...not as "Deadish", more world music.

infinitefool said...

Hart and Kreutzman's new version of The Rhythm Devils is pretty hot. You can check them, Phil & ratdog out at archive.org (I've got a hot Phil show over at my site, too, but I didn't stop by to promote myself).

Great song, nice selection of performances. This is a song that even Mrs. Infinite gets behind every siongle time, though she's really more of an "Eyes of the World" kinda gal.