June 11, 2007


Here's my obligatory Sopranos post. I liked the ending. It was punk rock.
The producers threw it in our faces and said "create your own ending". But, those last few minutes were pretty tense. Totally manipulative, waiting for an ending that never came. How many people thought they lost their TV connection when screen went black!

I wanted Tony to wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette and tell her about the crazy dream he had (like they did on the old Newhart show).

How do YOU think they shoulda ended it?



Rinjo Njori said...

Those chose the Cheers ending. Life goes on. It wasn't a bad thing and went out at it's creative apex. let's see if Lost can provide a satisfying endgame as well. 48 episodes to go....

manicgirl said...

I loved the ending. I heard people thought they lost their tv connection, but that never occurred to me.

Things moved in a circle. Tony gets shot in front of Meadow (like Janice) by the guy who lost his business from gambling, Carmella was getting shrewlike anyway, so she becomes Tony's ma and AJ follows in his father's footsteps.


aikin said...

Yeah, I thought my cable was gone, too!

At first I was kinda like, "huh?" with the ending, but now that it's soaked in a little, I think it was all right.

You mentioned how tense the last few minutes of the show were - I heard someone talking about how that was intentional, to sort of give the feeling of the constant paranoia surrounding Tony.

Alan H said...

Hehe, my friend, you got it. Anyone who didn't like the ending didn't get the whole series, I think.

good Theme mongering on the blog. you're keeping the toonage interesting.

Your bud, Al