June 4, 2007

How do you say WASTED in French?

Montreal was a blast. Great city, but man, it was humid. As an extremely European type city, Montreal is unlike an American city, with the exception that they have a huge homeless population. Also, dissimilar to American streetfolk, the Montreal bums are pretty "in your face" about soliciting hand-outs.

But aside from that (and the language barrier- Montreal denizens speak French first and English second; and I can barely even speak English after a few beers!); a good time was had by all.

The Montreal Beer Fest is swell, heavily recommended. And Pot is omnipresent. Everywhere you walk around you smell it. Thankfully, most venues no longer allow cigarette smoking inside, and that has really helped the air quality at the bars.
And the great thing when you're in another country ... the money doesn't mean anything! It's like Monopoly money! Especially when you're drunk.
They're a shitload of street punks up there too, good to see that segment represented. The only time we ran into any kind of trouble with the locals was when my buddy jay-walked and he was politely requested by a constable to wait for the green light.

Canada- Fuck Yeah!

So, as I am still a little foggy, I offer songs to commemorate a drunken, wasted time.


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aikin said...

Humidity? C'mon, they don't know from humidity in Canada. Spend a couple of days in Miami!

glad you had a good time and thanks for the new tunes!