June 13, 2007

His aim is still (sorta) true

I have mixed feelings about Elvis Costello. On one hand, his first 3 albums (My Aim Is True, This Years Model, Armed Forces) are absolutely perfect albums. In fact, I love most of his rock output.
On the other hand, his adventures in classical music, country, Burt Bachrach and other excursions (and I absolutely hated Imperial Bedroom) have left me cold.

But I suppose you can't blame an artist for branching out, can you?

I haven't seen him play live for many years, but if this show I am posting up today is any indication of what he's putting out there these days, well then, imma gonna have to check him out! This is a show from May 18, 2007 and he's really going way back in the vaults ("Welcome To The Working Week" !, "The Beat" ! "Lovers Walk"!) I had to break it into two parts, since tt's a huge file (32 songs) so be patient whilst it downloads, it's worth the wait.



wardo said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Rinjo Njori said...

Another great post. I have been listening to a lot of stuff from the late 70's and Early 80's. it's amazing how many vocalist tried to mimick Declan

aikin said...

As long as you catch Elvis on a "rock" tour, he's still great to see live. I saw him a couple of years ago at a pretty small place - one of the best performances I've seen.

infinitefool said...

Thanks for this. I'm a huge Elvis Costello fan. Unlike you, I like almost everything he's done (especially Imperial Bedroom!) & I'm really looking forward to this.

His rock shows are great, but you should try and catch him solo w/an acoustic guitar some time. He'll blow your beautiful mind.

Anonymous said...

I met him on tour around 1982. He was nice, but my god I was amazed how big he was. Not fat but based on the publicity stills I thought he was short and skinny.

Great blog, and thanks for the link to oldpunks.

The second I get home I'll download this show.


Dfactor said...

Hey, nice blog. Thanks for the Mats comment. Glad to hear some recent EC. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I was at this show at the 9:30 Club and would love to get a copy of it. Any chance you could re-post it? Thanks so much.