June 25, 2007


Gonna catch Wilco tonite in NYC. I am somewhat apprehensive. I've never seen them live and I am hoping they are in rock and roll mode. Their new album Sky Blue Sky is a little mellow for my tastes, the songs are nice enough, but "nice" doesn't exactly top my musical interests. Seems to be alot of music designed to smoke pot and fall asleep in the backyard to. Which, of course, isn't a bad thing.
Still, they have enough good songs in their arsenal that there is the potential for a good show since it IS NYC and we don't cotton to no laid back stuff. And alot of my peeps swear by em. And Jeff Tweedy & company do one of my favorite songs; "Passenger Side". Besides, any band that covers the Replacements, Ramones and Iggy is OK in my book.

And, I will be the guy yelling "Slayer"!

Here's some rare and live stuff you may not have...


Wilco live at Bonnaroo June 2007 (very big video file in asf format)

Wilco - Passenger Side (demo version)
Wilco - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges cover)
Wilco - Color Me Impressed / I Wanna Be Sedated (Replacements/Ramones cover)
Wilco (w/ Black Crowes)- Willin' (Little Feat cover)
Wilco - I Must Be High (demo)

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paul said...

Wilco stuff is always wanted (no needed)so BIG thank you for this post

manicgirl said...

Well, how was it?

jonderneathica said...

I saw the Wilco show in Atlanta, followed by Radio Birdman the next week. Guess which show was better? Nels Cline is a great guitarist, but <<< Deniz Tek.