April 6, 2007

Drugs Are Good (Friday)

Now I was lying in my room
It was raining drugs all afternoon.

The poison ivy that I apparently contracted last week has rendered me an itchy, rashy, scratchin' mess. Thank goodness (and Merck and Pfizer) for drugs. For while they may or may not actually be working, they certainly can't be hurting. Lord only knows how much more discomfort I would be in if I wasn't on a bunch of different steroids, cortisones, allergy pills and balms. I've spent the last week spaced out in another dimension with no end in sight. It makes the work day go nicely, but the discomfort ain't worth it.
However, I haven't gone as far as this guy.
So, today's post will be in tribute to all things pharmaceutical.

Hey, leave me a comment if you have any home remedies to cure this crap!

1 comment:

Highlander said...

Naz, you were spoilt for choice with this post - how did you limit it? Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated, Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High (although anything would've done)...the list is endless