April 20, 2007

Friday Grab Bag- Baseball Good. Killing Bad.

With the horrifying atrocity in Virginia and the continuing senseless tragedy of Iraq; it becomes more important than ever to find a mental release and distraction from the depressing daily news.

What better way to lose one's self than in BASEBALL!
The season's a couple of weeks old and it looks like great things are in store for my hometown Mets and Yankees.

And it looks like the usual tough times are ahead for the Cubbies.

Here's hoping the Red Sox totally suck it up this year. Aside from the visitor from outter space that is Manny Ramirez and the awesome Big Papi, David Ortiz, the rest of the Blow-Sox can kiss my New York ass.
Somehow, my kid decided to become a Blow-Sox fan. Normally, this would result in me disowning him. However, as he is doing this primarily to piss his old man off, I not only forgive him; but am proud of him. After all, what could be more Punk freakin' Rawk then rebelling against one's father by choosing the wrong baseball team! I'm so proud.
So here are some songs, if not about about baseball, then at least with the word "ball" in them. Hey gimme a break, it's been a tough week!
(yeah, Ozzy live at Wrigley Field!)
(dedicated to the soon to be demolished Shea and Yankee Stadiums)


Anonymous said...

My brother! Yankee fan here. Love watching the Mets also. Glad to see the balanced perspective of your appreciation for Big Papi and your son's rebellion. I always enjoyed Damon and was glad to see the Yanks get him. Baseball and music are both wonderful distractions. May you have your fill of both this wonderful, warm, sunny weekend.

Jeffrey Siegel said...

Here we go Yankees - here we go!

Hopefully we'll have a repeat of the massacre that was September at Fenway!

Maria said...

Iraq "senseless"??? Give me a break. Good things are happening there. It's not the '60's where mindless oppossition to liberation is "hip" anymore. Good things are happening - look beyond the msm.

b said...

ooh and the weather just got PERFECT today for a sunday afternoon mets game :)

makeshift said...
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