April 27, 2007

Worst president ever, but a heckuva dancer

All I can say is, he's not my President. As an American, I am disgusted by this douchebag. With-out 9-11, he would have found some other way to completely fuck this country up.
How he turned the World's good-will against us and billions of dollars of budget surplus into a trillion dollar deficit is something that future historians will write epic tomes about. Incredible, Clinton gets impeached for screwing an intern. GWB gets re-elected for screwing the country.

At least he's got his dance moves.

Violent Femmes - Dance Motherfucker Dance
New York Dolls - Dance Like A Monkey
Killing Joke - War Dance
Lagwagon - Dancing The Collapse
M.O.T.O. - Dance To The Radio


Anonymous said...

How dare you! President Bush is the greatest president ever. We are doing the lord's work in Iraq. You must be some sort of anti-american communist. why don't you go live in afghanistan or russia!

Benjy said...

I would have thought you were legitimate, but you didn't capitalize "lord." The Big Guy doesn't appreciate shit like that.

Anonymous said...

If bush is impeached, Cheney will become president and we'll be fucked even more. we should impeach both of them at the same time.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

When I saw Bush strutting his stuff I did wonder if it was some sort of tribute to Boris Yeltsin.

Highlander said...

Saw his picture on the BBC News website earlier at work and it drew the inevitable 'missing link' comments from all around. Still it saved him from speaking which can only be a blessing.

cowtown said...

Bush who?? Are you a cannibal?? Why make this dude into canned food?? So you can eat this mystery man later??