May 9, 2007

KISS- aka Knights in $atan's $ervice

"All right!
You Wanted the best
You Got The Best
the Hottest Band In the Land...
Well, you all know that KISS really stands for Knights In Satan's Service. Cause they're really demons, right? Say what you want about 'em, but they've been rockin and rollin' all nite for over 30 years.

Critics hate them and most of us have had a love/hate relationship with them over the decades. Why they aren't in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (aka jann Wenner's circle jerk) and Billy Troll and Jackson Browne are is a travesty.

Sure, they're money hungry capitalists; out to make a buck any way they can (Kiss coffins? Kiss coffee houses? Kiss Cologne? Cellulite from Gene Simmons thighs?). But the music world would have been a far more boring place if they hadn't been around. How many bands actually have tribute bands of little people covering their stuff?

Paul Stanley's rock and roll star trip is still mind boggling. Gene Simmons (registered trademark) still plays the demon role with a straight face. And what's the diff on who is behind the "Space-Ace" (aka "Fake-Ace") and "Cat" greasepaint anyway? They fucking rock.

Shit, as long as they keep touring, I'll keep seeing them! If you can't have fun at a KISS concert, then you must be dead, Fred.

A special collection of Paul Stanley stage banter
Kiss- Shout It Out Loud (live)
Kiss - Deuce (live)
Kiss - Detroit Rock City (acoustic live on Howard Stern)
Peck - Rock n Roll All Nite (Finnish band)
Skellington - Love Gun (Swedish Heavy Metal band)
Redd Kross - Deuce


aikin said...

awesome! I was a HUGE Kiss fan back in the day. A member of the Kiss Army and all.

pplist said...

Awesome indeed. Thanks!

Heff said...

Kinda shocked (and impressed) to find out you're a Kiss fan !