May 22, 2007

The Who- Live Day 1

Today is the start of Who week (yeah, it's Tuesday, but I'm a busy guy!).

Imma gonna post up some live stuff and some rarities.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to write up a history of The Who, since it's pretty much ingrained in most of our DNA. They're pretty much the 4th horsemen of the great rock n roll bands (or, as they say on the Classic Rock radio stations: "BeatlesStonesZeppelinWho").

I will say, however, that even as a young snotty punk a million years ago; I absolutely loved The Who. Quadrophenia is my favorite album of all time. Pete Townshends lyrics resonate with me as no other's do. I never had the opportunity to see them with Keith Moon, but I got to see the Who Are You Tour that followed his death plus virtually every time they have toured since. And that includes their 87 different "farewell" tours!

At this point, I think Townshend and Daltrey should call it a day. Roger's voice is shot, Pete plays occasional electric guitar at most and what's the point. Yeah, the old bluesmen and 50's rockers carried on till their deaths, but weren't the Who the band that wrapped themselves in the "youth" banner (cue "My Generation").

When John Entwhistle died, the "band" carried on as The Who due to supposed "contractual obligations". Well, what's their excuse now? Filthy lucre.

Nontheless, we come to praise The 'oo; not bury em.

Today we'll feature a vintage show from The Fillmore East in NYC in 1968 and some live rarities.


The Who - Fillmore East 1968
The Who - Amsterdam 1969 - Sparks
The Who - Landover 1976 Baba O'Riley
The Who - London 10-29-06 I Can't Explain & The Seeker

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Highlander said...

My sister got me into a lot of Mod stuff when she was into the early 80's revival movement and that included The Who - enjoyed them ever since. And you're right - Quadrophenia is classic - remember watching it with a school friend - John - while we were both on magic mushrooms - made it even more relevant. Happy Daze...