May 7, 2007

NOFX - America's Best Punk Band

What can I say about NOFX? For my money, NOFX are the best American Punk rock band since the Ramones. What more could you want? They've got great lyrics that can be tastelessy funny or political (often both). They've supported "the scene" with Fat Wreckords (their record label). They tour incessantly (and were instrumental in making the Warped Tour so huge- maybe that's not such a good thing!). Even their spin-offs (such as Me First And The Gimme Gimme's) kick ass.

Erik Sandin (drums), Eric Melvin (guitar) and Fat Mike
(bass, vox) started NOFX in 1983. El Hefe (guitar) joined the party in 1991.
Since then they've combined punk rock, some reggge, some hardcore and plenty of alcohol to sell millions of records and incur plenty of bruises on their audiences. They also released THE PUNK ROCK EPIC with The Decline- an 18 minute opus that blows the doors off punk rock dogma.

Over the years, they've become overtly political as the band is heavily involved in the movement. The well known "Not My President" t shirts are a product of Fat Wreckords as well. Songs like Idiot Son Of An Asshole", "You Will Lose Faith" and "Leaving Jesusland" should leave no doubt as to where their politics lie. If you have never seen them play live, whaddya waiting for?


(by NOFX)
He's not smart, a C student
And that's after buying his way into school
Beady eyes, and he's kinda dyslexic
Can he read? No one's really quite sure

He signs stuff and he executes people
Maybe that's why, he doesn't have any friends
Cocaine and a little drunk driving
Doesn't matter, when you're the Commander in Chief.

Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole

Put on some make-up, turn on the 8-Track,
I'm putting a week back on the shelf,
Suddenly I'm the President, of the United States,
But then I woke up, and realized I'm still me.

He's too dumb, to eat pretzels,
apparently smart enough to fix an election.
Moved boldly into the White House,
but most people voted against him.

He likes naps, He really likes naptime,
A couple of naps and then a nap and then he's ready for bed,
He may be from Bush descent,
but he's always gonna be the unpresident.

Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
Idiot son of an asshole
He's the idiot son of an asshole
He's our president!


Simon said...

NOFX are a competent pop band, but their sterile radio rock has very little to do with punk rock and everything to do with Warped Tour, snowboards, soulpatches, shopping malls, fratboys and digital downloads. The idea that you could seriously argue for them being "America's best punk band since the Ramones"-- and ergo superior to the Pagans, Crime, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Negative Approach, Dead Boys, Germs, Lazy Cowgirls, Real Kids, X, Angry Samoans, Husker Du, Poison Idea, Replacements, etc etc et al-- is completely ludicrous. Sorry.

manicgirl said...

Clever always? Not so much. I *am* learning this song on guitar though.

No Fun in Fundamentalism

There’s no fun in Bible study class
There’s no fun getting fucked in the ass by a priest
Unless your old and into that,
It’s no Fun for a kid who is scared as shit

There’s no fun when praying on a mat
There’s no fun being covered in black clothes in the desert
Unless you’re Goth and into that,
But not if you’re a woman who is treated like dog shit

There’s no fun for fundamentalist
There’s no fun for the poor capitalist
There’s no fun for Regan in Exorcist
There’s no fun, There’s no fun

There’s no fun in a theocracy
There’s no fun unless you have a chosen people i.d.
Still then you got that God decree
And that’s no fun for anyone