May 17, 2007

Stella Blue

All the years combine they melt into a dream
A broken angel sings
from a guitar
In the end there's just a song
comes crying like the wind
through all the broken dreams
and vanished years

Stella Blue

When all the cards are down
there's nothing left to see
There's just the pavement left
and broken dreams
In the end there's still that song
comes crying like the wind
down every lonely street
that's ever been

Stella Blue

I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel
Can't win for trying
Dust off those rusty strings just
one more time
Gonna make em shine

It all rolls into one
and nothing comes for free
There's nothing you can hold for very long
And when you hear that song
come crying like the wind
it seems like all this life
was just a dream

Stella Blue


Grateful Dead - Stella Blue 10-19-73 Oklahoma City


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! Never heard anything off of Dick's Picks 19 (and I've heard a ton of em) - and this is a great, inspired version. And back-to-back with blogs about the oh-so unDEAD Clash! Righteous!

Now: when are the rest of all these punker types gonna drop some L and get on on board the Magic Bus too?

Nazz Nomad said...

strange how The Clash and The Dead both covered "I Fought The Law".

Anonymous said...

Stop smoking pot!

infinite fool said...

Yeah! Stop smoking pot! Smoke banana peels instead!

Great version of a great song. Thanks from a guy with the sense to love both the Dead and the Clash - just like Jerry and Strummer did.