May 23, 2007

The Who Day 2 - Live Quadrophenia

The Story Begins On A Rock...

And so it did. The tragic tale of Jimmy, who's only crime according to Pete Townshend was "bad timing". Somewhat maligned upon release, and originally performed to arena sized crowds who were far from interested in it's story; Quadrophenia has nonetheless become a classic and eclipsed Tommy as the quintessential Who "rock opera". The 1979 movie was great and then, years later, holy crap! The Who break the whole damn thing out in concert in1996! They premiered it with 5 nites at NYC's Madison Square Garden. Your humble narrator got his ass in to the first 2 shows and it was absolutely amazing. The narrative was cohesive (Phil Daniels- the actor who played Jimmy in the movie) did voice overs, the Who were top notch (Entwhistle on "The Real Me"- best bass run. Ever.) and the "guest stars" (Gary Glitter as The Godfather and Billy Idol as The Ace Face) were terrific.

So here is the show. It's two files (and there are some Quadrophenia Demos as filler on cd 2).


The Who - 7-18-96 NYC Quadrophenia cd 1
The Who - 7-18-96 NYC Quadrophenia cd 2


Rinjo Njori said...

You should check out Phil Daniels who was in Quadrophenia. He made a record in 1980 something, Phil Daniels + The Cross


it's haldf good songs and half blubbery love songs. Over all more good than bad.

Nazz Nomad said...

thanks- i'll check it out