May 1, 2007

It's Spiderman's world, we just live in it

So, I saw the new Spiderman 3 movie last night at the premiere in Astoria last nite. As Peter Parker, The Ramones and little old me are all from Forest Hills, Queens, NY; I feel a kinship with the Webhead.
I'm no star-f#cker, but it was pretty cool to be "on the black carpet" as it was. Seeing all the anoxeric entertainment show interviewers was no great shakes. It was fun to have people look at me as if I was a celebrity. I actually had people coming up to me and asking who I was (and not in the usual "who are you get the hell outta here" way!) And the free popcorn and soda's were swell.

It amazes me how many people got all dressed up to sit in a dark movie theater, but that's show biz.

If you're watching any coverage of the nite and you hear someone yelling "END THE WAR"... well, that was me!

Anyway, the movie was pretty cool...about what you'd expect if you've seen the other two. Aunt May as the voice of compassion, Mary Jane and Peter's romance (yawn), Harry's split personality (and I do mean split!), etc. While some of the movie was a little slow, the action sequences were amazing. There is a fight scene at the end of the movie with Spidey and an ally who shall remain nameless versus Sandman and Venom that is freakin' crazy and worth the snoozefest of the MJ/Peter/Harry love triangle.

I wish there was more Venom in the movie, but Sandman was actually a more developed and sympathetic character. The fx for both villains were spectacular.

I'm sure the movie will more than get a return on the supposed $300 million budget.


The Ramones - Spiderman (live)

Jerry Garcia - Spidergawd

The Monocles - The Spider & The Fly

Lemmy (from Motorhead) - Enter Sandman

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